The prayer line will follow this timeline. We are always sensitive to the Lord which means we may run over from time to time. Please feel free to leave if you need to.

Welcome to At God’s Door

Where we assemble to hear instructions from the Lord and intercede on the behalf of others. Proverbs 8:32-35
* Sound check – Set your volume to the midpoint (not to loud or too soft.
* During this pre-prayer time you can say hello and make Prayer Request. Please remember you can also post them on the website.
* I will not mute the phones initially. However please be mindful of that. If there is a lot of background noise, I will mute you and then unmute you after a few seconds.
* Identify that you are prepared to share the devotional reading and insight.
* Prepare your hearts and minds for worship, prayer and hearing God speak. At the appointed time, I will start the worship music for the morning. The one who will read the devotional will begin after the music ends.
Reading of the Devotional and sharing what God is speaking
5:35 – PRAYER
* This is a time of intercession for others. We want to make sure that we don’t pray personal prayers.
* Pray as the Lord leads
* Pray for prayer requests, blog comments and journals
* Soft music will play between prayers to keep the flow
5:59 – CLOSING
* Send welcome text and info about the prayer line later.
* Reminder of the devotional we are using. If you would like to read it and bring the 2-3-minute devotional message, please read it before time to allow the Lord to speak to you. If you want a specific song, let me know so I can get it and play it for you. 
* Closing song and end as the Lord leads

If you want to greet everyone, please arrive on the prayer line early. That way we will stay on track and no one will be cut off or offended.

Please submit your prayer requests.

We are scheduled to use the following devotionals. However that might change:

2020 – Daily Devotional – In Touch Ministries
2021 – Teach My Hands to War – Dr Pamela Russell
Online and available for purchase soon.
2022 – My Utmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers
Online and available for purchase.
2023 – Experiencing God Day-By-Day – Henry T. Blackaby
No online version, it must be purchased.

May change to Truth for Life Devotional
2024 – Jesus Calling – Sarah Young
No online version, it must be purchased.
2025 – The Family Chat – Russell Family
In production, not currently available