Disciple Me

Disciple Me

This blog is attached to the book “Disciple Me” it helps the reader walk through the path of self-study that will help identify scriptures that hold the answers to many questions about salvation and share insight into things that you may not have even thought to ask yet. The blog helps with the commitment to study and prayer. It helps you know better so that you do better. This book and blog will change your life! 

Being discipled is just like going to relationship school. You go from level to level, getting closer and closer to the Lord. You learn who God is. You learn how to align yourself with His wishes, not because you have to, but because the relationship is so amazing you want to align with Him. You learn to seek the Lord for yourself, so you know what pleases Him. There is something that happens when you begin to seek the Lord for yourself; when you spend time with Him, and He allows you to see yourself as He created you AND as you are. There will be a difference. Most of it because of choices you made. But don’t be alarmed. After He helps you identify those things you have changed in His creation, He will fix them. You don’t and actual cannot fix them . You have to submit to Him to correct the flaws you created. What that means we will discuss further in the book but ultimately it means coming to a place where you are no longer in control of your life. You are looking for and waiting patiently for Him to speak to you and direct you.

You can read the blog and share here.

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Stephanie Harden
Stephanie Harden
3 years ago

Thank you Father for Dr. Pamela Russell for her obedience to Your call on her life. I truly believe that this friendship we share is ordained by You to take me too the next level. Father I am waiting in anticipation for this publication so I may begin my dicipleship with You through Dr. Pamela Russell…..in Jesus Name!!!

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