First, welcome to my ministry site. I am so glad you’re here it celebrates what God is doing in my life.

I am the daughter of Rev. M. R. Lemons, pastor-emeritus (deceased) of Pilgrim Baptist Church and Mary Mattie Lou Clark Lemons (deceased). Two of the most powerful people in ministry I have ever had the pleasure to know. I am honored to be their daughter. I am also the granddaughter of Pastor Dewitt Lemons [father’s father] (deceased) and Pastor Wesley Clark [mother’s father] (deceased). Why would I start this way? I think this is significant because it identifies my heritage. It shows what God has placed in me and the lineage He chose for me to pass through.

My heritage shaped my values, goals and dreams. My passion for God is the foundation for my life and my ministry. I worship Him by using the talents and gifts He gave me to bless others. I have been singing and teaching for as long as I remember. All I have ever wanted to do was be used by God in whatever way He chose. He continues to surprise and bless me in the way that He manifests Himself in my life.

What Makes Me, Me

I started life in a family of modest means. Yet I was blessed with a home filled with passion for God and love for people. I am thankful for the opportunities the Lord has given me to prepare for a career helping people to realize their dreams and to achieve success.

When it comes to ministry, I think I’ve held every role a person could hold in a church; and I have loved every minute of each job assigned to me! Those jobs and experiences were preparation for the teaching ministry that God has now called me to. In all aspects of my life and in all the business that I am involved in, I am dedicated to providing faith-based support to anyone I come in contact with.

When I am not ministering, I am consulting, coaching and counseling. My clients call me Dr. Pam. I offer a unique blend of skills, experiences, and education to help them achieve their personal and business goals. I am the owner and founder of Dr. Pam Russell LLC. and A Godsend Inc., a 501(C)(3) charity. I am an  CBCC Certified Christian counselor and a certified life coach. I am an author and a veteran, having been honorably discharged as a Lieutenant from the United States Navy.

I am a high-energy, life-long learner, who continues to grow as a child of the Most High God. I invite you to come and grow with me.

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