General Information

Praying on the phone is different than praying in a building. There may be callers on the line who simply want to be blessed by the prayers. Supportive words, i.e. amen, bless God, thank you etc. are encouraged. If you choose to leave your phone unmuted, please make sure there is no background noise and do NOT pray over the one who is praying. There are those who sing when they pray, again if the Lord lays on your heart to sing a stanza or a verse that is welcomed, please keep it to a minute or less. However, do not sing when someone is praying. Please meditate on the Word of God and the devotional while on the call.

There is no designated person to read the devotional and a request will be made at the beginning of the call. If you want to be the one who reads the devotional and shares briefly what you gained from it (5-minute max), please be prepared. When entering this atmosphere, don’t wait until prayer time to read the devotional. allow God this solemn time of praise, prayer and agreement. Set an atmosphere that the LORD will feel welcomed to enter in. The new day is posted at some time after 12:01 am.

Phone Etiquette

  1. The prayer line is scheduled from  5:30-6:00 am EST. You may call starting at 5:20 and anytime thereafter.
  2. Limit personal conversations to the time designated before prayer. This is also the time to give prayer requests. Please check the agenda for the prayer line.
  3. There is no need for you to announce yourself when you enter the prayer line. However, if the prayer facilitator/leader addresses you, please announce yourself at that time. Callers who are disconnected or leave and rejoin the call should do so without interruption to the prayer group.
  4. Please use proper etiquette and be mindful of others. Please MUTE your phone to eliminate any background noise, i.e. (coughing, yawning, talking, white noise, etc.) that may disturb other participants.
  5. Leave space for others to pray.
  6. Prayers should be vertically directed, intercessory in nature, and line up with the core values of Pamela Russell Ministries.
  7. Prayer requests are welcomed. If you would like to submit a prayer request online you can.
  8. A prayer list is available, you can read it, add to it and see the praise for prayers answered.
  9. Please write down your thoughts as the Lord leads you, while on the prayer line and share them later or use them as inspiration in your own life. You can also post them.
  10. We have no desire to quench the flow of God. However, all prophesy will be judged.
  11. Finally, enjoy the prayers and fellowship.