Vision and Mission

As I am embracing all of who I am and what God is doing in my life, this site is representative of the next place God is taking me. There are things that God has placed on my heart, and He continues to do so every day.  He gives me answers to my questions, solutions to my problems, and hope on days when I seem to have none.  I know my trials will help others because I am God’s tool.

To Feed the flock of God
Design training, workshops and seminars that allow believers to:
  • Share victories and defeats for the sole purpose of ministering to others.
  • Learn, gain understanding, and receive information that will provide guidance and be beneficial for their Christian journey.
  • Get support, so they know they do not have to go through every trial alone.
  • Prevent the need for some trials by providing insight from what others have experienced and what God did for them.