My Service

Training, Conferences, Retreats, Speaking

I recognize it is a great undertaking to organize a conference, seminar, workshop or just layout your program for Sunday. One of the important parts, without which the gathering might not meet your goals, is the choice of the speaker. I realize you expect your choice to do more than just re-echo the theme or message of the meeting. He or she is expected to share spiritual insight, create a desire for the Lord, and inspire. My commitment to you it that I will:

  •  Seek the Lord for an understanding of the purpose of the speaking engagement.
  • Submit my education and experience to the Lord on your behalf.
  • Share the gospel within the context of your theme.
  • Pray for God’s will to be done.

I am here for you and willing to serve. If you would like to schedule me for your event, please complete this form.