PCQ’s Pam’s Clarifying Questions

Whenever there is something that you’re trying to learn about, usually you can find a section called FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

Well I’m also going to have section called PCQ’s (Pam’s clarifying questions.)

These are questions that come into my heart or mind.  Or, they have been there and I just never took the opportunity to ask as it deals with the prophetic.  I will update this list from time to time.

Q1: When God speaks through me will it be vague.  Meaning would anyone who’s hearing the prophesy apply what’s being said to them.
A. The Lord will reveal specifically.  As God uses me, the prophecy will not be vague.  What God will speak through me will be clear and specific, even if it is for a group.

Q2: How will I know or be sure that it is God?
A. I will know and see evidence of His intervention and desire.

Q3: Help me to understand sin?
A. Sin – sin is an action. That which is the most basic state is taking on the form of the adversary. If we don’t allow God to rule completely then sin is able to rule.
Iniquity – a matter of when we take into account that we do what we think is the right thing. We do what we do according to our interpretation or our mindset.
Transgression – includes the breaking or infringement upon a direct command.

In order to understand sin vs transgression, let’s look at it from a criminal perspective. In most true crimes there is an actus reus, the physical act, and a mens rea, or state of mind. These must occur at the same time for a crime to occur. We call this “concurrence.”

A transgression lacks “mens rea”. It is a point when the action is not done knowing it is wrong but quite the opposite. Though it is wrong, the one acting did not know it.  Therefore, you can only commit a transgression once. The first time it is a transgression, the second time it is iniquity. If and when the knowledge of the law of Christ is provided, but the action continues, it is sin (concurrence).

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Penny McCaskill
Penny McCaskill
8 years ago

As you open our heart and spirit to the Lord Pam…I believe He will reveal the pure essence of what your gift will mean to you and what He will do through you as you follow the training and the Holy Spirit. I know you are praying continually…I hear your diligent heart getting every question answered only the answers were always there before you… they just needed to be sought out by you! The more you seek the more you’ll find of God … and the evidence will be so apparent along with the desire of God’s will… in the lives of the people that He will put before you as you operate in your gifting!
God bless you richly is my Prayer for your life! Love you …..

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