Situational Requests

5/13/2021Sandra C.. – Rashelle’s labor being induced. Pray that the baby will not have to go into the Nic U.
4/22/2021 Linda R. – Please pray for God to change these young men hearts and minds.J. Wade and N. Wiley.
4/22/2021D. Denson – 1. Surgery of Pastor Lambert of First Baptist Church having surgery for Trigeminal neuralgia. It is a severe form of facial nerve pain. The surgery to decompress the nerve is not technically brain surgery, but the surgeon must open the skull to perform it.
2. Jaylen is 18 yrs. old in the Army now. She has no Christian friends. No church. One friend is a Black Muslim. I have mentored her since Junior High and a Christian. She was a leader in my Bible Study and also in her church.. She needs to find Christian friends to fellowship with. I am encouraging her to start a “Dare to Be A Daniel Bible Study”, but she is afraid people will turn against her.
3. I need prayer that I will get over the fear and anxiety of computer technology so that I can finish the case report’s that are due weekly to send to my professor.
4/28/2021 C. Cole – Pneumonia and stomach pain
4/23/2021Elizabeth H. Please keep the children and the families lifted in prayer along with Pastor who was exposed for his involvement. Father let the process of healing begin for everyone… Jesus Name!!!
4/22/2021Alester Q. – Pray for God to clear my name of the rumor ongoing that hurts image. I do not have a hint why the people crossed me and take advantage of me. Help.
4/14/2021Elizabeth H. – Kayla is a Domestic Violence victim and all that goes with that, needing the love of a family more importantly to know she is not alone….hear her cry strengthen her today to stay and fight for Your Glory give her rest in You!!!…. in Jesus Name….Amen.
4/14/2021Elizabeth H. – My Son has been recently incarcerated…Your Will be done. I pray for protection over them both. But more importantly that they surrender to You their whole lives, for complete and total healing, restoration, and change….in Jesus Name!!!
3/30/2021Linda R. – Please pray with me for salvation for my children.
3/21/2021 Linda R. – There is a husband is in Hospice care, and his family is taking care of him. Praying for strength.
3/19/2021Elizabeth H. – I am requesting prayer for my Sister in Law and my Niece, they have both contracted COVID-19. Audrey has been admitted to hospital battling this disease this disease in Jesus Name Amen.
3/16/2021S.H. – My family needs salvation, deliverance, and relationship with the almighty God!!! In Jesus Name!!! Amen
3/5/2021David T. – medical issues, possible discharge from the Military, that God would have His way and he and his wife would be at peace.
2/21/2021 – Jagodish Karmokar – Please pray for our non – Christian community youth, women & Children, where we are Preaching the Gospel & serving the good News. I believe that your Continue prayer encourages the poor community to transform the life of Non – Christian women, youth, and children in Bangladesh.
2/1/2021 – Stephanie H. – Asking for prayer for myself and for healing in my body due post menopause issues.
2/1/2021Canalas Family – wife and husband with COVID, daughter to provide support and help to them and to her.
1/30/2021 – Mathew H. – Praying for healing and peace of mind with an illness. He is hospitalized. Praying for total and complete healing.
1/24/2021Danielle R. – Sick with COVID
Update: 2/1 She is sounding and feeling better. Getting her taste and smell back a little bit.
1/7/2021Tamires – Sick with pneumonia
Update: 1/11 She does not have COVID, She has to rest and has an inhaler
Update: 1/20 Up and feeling better
1/7/2021The Nation – Unify us and expose the enemy
1/7/2021J. Lemons – Cataract eye surgery
12/22/2020 Place of Refuge Home – Praying that God will please provide the information and the resources to make this a monument to God’s glory. We need grants and sponsors.
12/8/2020–E. Cooper
My prayer for Elijah to find peace with his situation and reach for God in everything he does and decides to do. Also to allow God to enhance his life as a new father. He is a newly single Father, who is frustrated, feeling alone, and needs God’s guidance. My prayer is for my Son t allow God in to assist him with this journey he has found himself in.
12/7/2020 – A. Zakaria
Good morning, Pam. Praying for Amir Zakaria recently tested positive for Covid and we ask for continued prayers for Aunt Ruth that she continues to be able to tolerate the decrease in oxygen and that the infection will cease.
12/6/2020 – R. Stewart
Thank you for lifting Aunt Ruth in prayer. I would like to add Dusty Smith and his family to the list…he has going through abdominal surgery and they are waiting for pathology report.
12/3/2020–D. Wilson
Pray that God’s hand will totally be in the decision process on this Friday. I meet with Talent Management (Human Resources) and my Leave Coordinator, to discuss ‘Reasonable Accommodations’ i.e. working from home, should my pulmonologist see fit for me to return to work. Thank you!
11/15/2020 – Pastor Carl Lentz (Hillsong)
11/11/2020 – C. Cole
Pray that God’s keeping power will be with him and His divine presence will be with the doctors for his surgery.
Update: 11/10 discharged, surgery went well
11/10/2020 – Pastor John Gray (Relentless Church)
11/9/2020 – M. – Haywood
Pray that God’s keeping power will be with her and His divine presence will be with the doctors for her surgery.
Update: 11/13 at home, surgery went well
10/28/2020 – L. Williams – hip replacement
Pray that God’s keeping power will be with her and His divine presence will be with the doctors for her hip replacement.
Update: 11/18 surgery went well, now at home.

Ongoing Requests

DatePrayer Request
10/25/2020At God’s Door Prayer Line
Dr. Pamela Russell
Apostle C. Malone
Pastor C. Bailey
Pastors Thompson
C. Parrish
S. Harden
10/27/2020R. Stewart
11/5/2020Pres. Elect Joe Biden and his family
Vice Pres. Elect Kamala Harris and her family
11/10/2020J. Brennen
11/18/2020C. Ralls
12/14/2020Dr. Pam Russell, LLC. counseling clients