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I offer a unique blend of skills, experiences, and education to anyone around me achieve their personal, spiritual, and business goals. All of the help I offer is Bible based. From a business aspect I help owners and entrepreneurs assess what they are doing and write a roadmap to where they want to go. From the personal and business arena, I have developed a program called The Journey to Wholeness that provides understanding about each individual, how they relate to God and how they can deal with the things that aren’t working in their lives. In all aspects of the services I provide, I my focus is to teach what it takes to become healthy and whole in mind, in action, and in spirit.

I was raised in a home filled with passion for God and love for people. That laid the foundation for my 25+ year career helping people realize their dreams and achieve their goals.

I am the owner and founder of Dr. Pam Russell LLC, Pamela Russell Ministries, and A God Send Inc., a 501 (C)(3) charity. I am a author and a veteran, having been honorably discharged as a Lieutenant from the United States Navy.

I offer life-enriching, faith -based, empowered, strategic solutions for life changes. I am a high-energy, life-long learner. As I continue to grow, I also enhance the lives of all those I come in contact with. I invite those who want to achieve their dreams to come grow with me. I believe every person has something to offer that will make this world a better place. I believe my purpose is to help them realize what they have to offer and show them how to offer it.

Trainings, Conferences, Retreats, Panels, Etc.

I recognize it is a great undertaking to organize a conference, seminar, workshop or just layout your program for Sunday. One of the important parts, without which the gathering might not meet your goals, is the choice of the speaker. I realize you expect your choice to do more than just re-echo the theme or message of the meeting. I believe I would be expected to share spiritual insight, create a desire for the Lord, and inspire. Here are some previous speaking topics and events I have spoken at.

• Using Your Leadership Style Productively
•  Identify key steps to reach your business goals
•  Need for Assessment
•  Scheduling and Prioritizing
•  Strategic Planning

• Seeing yourself as a business
• Planning for Success
• Removing your barriers
•  Scheduling and Prioritizing
•  Strategic Planning

• Journey to wholeness
• Communication as a Tool not a Weapon
•  Managing Life’s Difficulties
•  Scheduling and Prioritizing

•  Morning Worship
•  Any Service
•  Key Note Speaker
•  Leadership Development
•  Prayer/Intercessor Training
•  Worship/Praise Team Training
•  Strategic Planning
•  Scheduling and Prioritizing

My commitment to you it that I will:

  • Seek the Lord for an understanding of the purpose of the speaking engagement.
  • Submit my education and experience to the Lord on your behalf.
  • Share the gospel within the context of your theme.
  • Pray for God’s will to be done.

I also officiate at weddings. If you would like more information, please click here.

I am here for you and willing to serve. If you would like to schedule me for your event, please complete this form.