Welcome to the blog for the Teach My Hands to War Devotional!

Make no mistake, we are in a war. This battle is against the enemy, Satan.   Sometimes we recognize him and sometimes we do not. But, the devil is always on his job. No matter what is looks like right now and no matter what the world says, we don’t have to fear because we know that God is on control and we already have the victory.

There are some things that I hope this devotional does for us all. I hope we:

  • Begin to recognize that we are always in training because we are at war with the enemy every day
  • Realize we have tools available. 
  • Learn what the tools are and how to use them skillfully.

My desire is that this devotional will help you understand the warfare, whether you fully understand spiritual warfare, have a cursory understanding of spiritual warfare or no understanding at all.

Please use the comments page for any feedback.

The devotional is divided into 7 sections:

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Part One – Understanding Spiritual Warfare
Part Two – Preparation for War
February Boot Camp
March Advanced Individual Training
April Occupational Specialty
May Weapons and Tactics
June Special Operations
Part Three – Ready for war
Part Four – On Assignment
Part Five – Reconnaissance
Part Six – Engaged
Part Seven – Victory in Battle
November Hands that War
December Fingers that Fight