During these times of the coronavirus we have to understand a couple of things. First, we have to understand where the war is and where it’s not. Second, we have to understand how to fight effectively.

This devotional was sent via email for the entire year of 2017 and also 2018. As I was doing my daily meditation a couple of weeks ago, the Lord laid it on my heart to send the devotional out again. I was instructed to invite people to participate as a group. We want to encourage one another, to share our ups and downs, and to get encouragement from one another. If we don’t stand together, we fall alone.

We are picking up in April so that means you have missed the introductory months. You can go back and read the information and some of the comments that were made:

January – Understanding Spiritual Warfare

February – Preparation for War (Boot Camp)

March –  Preparation for War (Advanced Individual Training)

April – Preparation for War (Occupational Specialty)

Let’s just pick up right here and allow the Lord to speak to our hearts. I am so excited to take this journey with all those who have signed up for the 2020 version I pray God’s blessing

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