Training Begins


The preparation and training of a prophet is perhaps one of the most difficult and arduous processes to go through. I did not realize that when I began, but I soon learned in order to be God’s prophet, I had to be emptied out to such a degree, that I was dead to myself.

If God is going to me to be His voice, He must be able to entrust me with His very words.  These are not things that God would take lightly. I knew that when things are misspoken or handled wrongly, people could get easily hurt or deceived.


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2 years ago

Dear Dr.Pamela.
I thank the lord for what he is doing in you. I can’t wait to join and be mentored on prophetic training by you. This is one aspects I need in my spiritual life. On regards to prayers is there a way I can login without phone call to be part of the prayer sessions?
Blessings to you!

2 years ago

This is encouraging and inspiring I’m very eager to learn more

Andre Soule/ jedii
Andre Soule/ jedii
9 years ago

I am inspired to see this journey and will continue to reading this journal to stay inspired in how

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