Ephesians 1:3
Let’s celebrate God! He lavished every blessing heaven has upon us in Christ! (Mirror Bible)

Are you taking the time to celebrate?

When you think about problems you face, are there times when you feel the devil has won? Could it be the reason you feel “defeat” in warfare is because you forgot to give God praise? Every blessing you could ever want, think about or need has already been given. All you need to do is celebrate, praise and worship. Put on your war clothes, your garment of praise. In the midst of your praise and your worship, the problem doesn’t go away but you gain a new perspective. It doesn’t seem to be as great as it was. You can shout hallelujah for the victory because you know God is working it out!

Please agree with me as I pray:

Father God, You are so awesome. You are the great I AM, You are Jehovah Shammah.  You were in this place before I got here. You knew what I would experience. You kept me. You continue to keep me. All I need to do is give You praise.  I cannot thank You enough.  I cannot worship You too long.  I cannot meditate on all You are and all You have done without weeping.  God, I give you honor; I give you glory; and I give You praise. I thank You!…

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