Marriage Officiating

Thinking about Marriage? The story of your relationship as a couple may have begun fairly recently or years ago. Either way, getting married is a whole new beginning for you, your family and others in your life. Officiating a wedding is extremely important to us. However you found us, we are glad you did. Please know that we take this responsibility extremely seriously.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Premarital counseling can help couples identify areas likely to cause conflict later on (i.e. finances, child-rearing methods, career goals, family dynamics, etc.) and either work through these issues in the early stages of the relationship, if possible, or develop a plan to address them in the years to come. A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, which was conducted via random telephone survey, showed couples who had participated in some type of premarital counseling program were 31% less likely to divorce. If you are interested in my services you can:

Marriage Ceremony

If you are interested in having me officiate your wedding ceremony it would be my honor. The ceremonies that I perform have Christian foundation and are Bible based. They fall into three categories:

  1. No Wedding Ceremony (just signing of paperwork)
  2. At Our Office – Small Wedding Ceremony
  3. Offsite (in a building) for full Wedding Ceremony 375.00

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