1. The starting point – we exist with God in a horizontal and a vertical positioning.,
  2. Horizontally – (inward – our mental state) When we have God’s perspective all aspects of our lives begin to change
  • How we view ourselves
  • What we think about ourselves
  • Whether we are going up or down
  1. Vertically – (inward – our spiritual state)
  • We see the supremacy of God
  • We approach God without fear
  • We approach God without intimidation
  • We approach God without reservation
  1. Our vertical relationship with God makes our horizontal perspective more positive.
  2. How we deal with others (i.e. what we pray, our communication, our thought life with respect to them) changes to match how God has dealt with you.
  • This causes us to be embracing of the body, especially those that we are suspicious of
  • We see God operating in people and begin to celebrate that.
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Sophia Johnson
6 years ago

The revelation of the horizontal and vertical perspectives, sheds a tremendous light of understanding, in multiple areas of my life. I embrace the revelatory anointing on your life.
The more you embrace who you are, and who God has called you to be; the greater the impartations of God’s anointing in your life. Pursue and recover all.

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