1. Once we say yes to God, He takes His perfect time to carve the masterpiece of His image in us. That is why transformation is a lifelong work.
  2. God’s gift of words, (what I call my ability to say exactly what is on my mind), is not what I need anymore. No need to defend myself, He is reshaping me so that it is not about church, but about Him.
  3. The light of God will shine through me. My life becomes the testimony. God is stabilizing me. Where love is – light will come.
  4. Everything that I do will be under the basis of love. Not emotional, but sensitive and passionate. I must pay very close attention and fully observe what the Spirit wants from me.
  5. There is nothing that has to be created, it is already there. I simply require stimulation of my faith. I need to agree with Him and walk it out.
  6. With leaning on the Spirit to hear, I will hear.
  7. Because God is the Redeemer of time, I don’t have to worry about wasted time.
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