I have come to understand that I have to be in a place that embraces the call of God on my life.  I need to be in  a place that recognizes the need for the prophet and is spiritually ready to support and instruct me. I believe that I have passed my final test to be elevated to the place God ordained me to be. I also have come to understand that the training and knowledge that I seek with respect to the prophetic though good and edifying is not what would validate who I am. I am God’s prophet because He called me and has been equipping and training me from the womb. I don’t have to be afraid to say that about myself because it is true. I do not need man to give me the ok to be who I am.  I am now ready for the people God has called me to. I am not perfect and I will do what I think is a mistake, by my standards, but God is not worried about that. As long as I stay close to Him. As long as I abide in Him. I will be fine.

The disciple trusts his life to the Lord.

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