1. In this time of being still, I know that God is keeping me still.
  2. The interesting thing is that during this process I see myself as having to impress God with stuff. Being still and not doing anything at all is really difficult for me. I am list and completion driven and it does create stress.
  3. God does not feel any better about me if I do something or if I simply do nothing at all, He is just in love with me.
  4. But the reality is there is no such thing is doing nothing.
  5. I have to expect to encounter adversity in my life.
  6. The closer I get to God the more He will reveal and heal.

I have to remember that I live in a deeply fallen world. I have got to stop trying to find a way to circumvent my difficulties. The main problem with that is an easy lie is that my need for God is masked . When I became a Christian, I infused my life with the very life of God. He empowered me to live on a supernatural plane by depending on him. I have to anticipate coming face to face with impossibilities: situations totally beyond my ability to handle. The awareness of my inadequacy is not something that I should try to convey it is precisely where God wants me – the best place to encounter God is in His glory and power. When I see armies of problems marching toward me I should cry out to God. I should allow God to fight for me. I should watch God working on my behalf and I should rest in the shadow of His almighty presence.    — Jesus Calling (August 18)

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