1. In the church world, I have often use the word “anointed”. And as my walk with God increases, I find that that word is used so much and in so many situations that it has truly lost its meaning. To be “anointed” means that people’s yokes are being destroyed and that they are being led directly into the presence of God; but it has absolutely nothing to do with talent.
  2. I have to get to a place where I understand that just because something annoys me does not mean that that is not where God would have me to be
  3. This week I dealt with the question, “Why didn’t I understand what God was saying when I believed that I was seeking God?” And what I found is I didn’t seek God by reading what the word said always, but I trusted in the words of my friends, mentors, parents, pastors, bishops etc. etc. etc.
  4. As a result of what I did in comment #3, religion and tradition prevailed and prevented me from getting closer to God. Religion and tradition binds, it focuses on sin and does not focus on the power of God. When I focus on the power of God I can allow that power to lead me into his presence. I can also expect for and anticipate change not only in my life but in the lives of others.
  5. As I begin to pursue God, according to his word, I realized that I can be ignorant of the enemy’s desire and plot to keep me from ever walking in the fullness of God for my life. The devil will make sure that he generates things that cause me to be emotionally distressed and pulled out.
  6. I am continuing to come to the place where I understand the difference between walking in desire and walking in faith. Often times I confuse the two and other times I use them interchangeably. They cannot be interchanged I must walk in faith where my desires are created by my pursuit of God.
  7. The veil of my heart is being removed and my spiritual understanding is being enlightened.
  8. I am getting comfortable in my new body and all that that body brings with it.
  9. I must move forward – what is forward? God knows and what I have to do is trust him and realize that whatever forward is, it’s forward in Him.
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