The Matrix

Items from the Matrix will be in blue.

  • Neo was looking for something.
    • I know that I have been looking for my purpose for a long time.
  • He was told that he had a problem with authority.
    • It has been my experience that the perception is that I had a problem allowing those in authority to tell me how to feel and what to do. it would have seemed that I had a problem with authority.
  • He was sent a telephone.
    • He was given personal invitation to the next level in his life. The Lord spoke a word to me audibly and my invitation find out what He had called me to do.
  • He wondering why what this happening to him.
    • And I did also. Why was I continually looking for something more.  Why was I unable to just get with the program.
  • He does not like it when he is not in control of his life.
    • I have always wanted o decide what was happening in my life. Made my decisions and dealt with the consequences.  I came to  understand the God would not share control of my life with me.  It was either going to be Him or me.
  • He has felt this way his entire life.
    • True for me
  • He did not know what it was but he felt it.
    • I have always known that there was something moving me, drawing me. There was a reason that I did not fit in with everyone else. I did not know what it was then, but I know now.
  • Morpheus told Neo that he could not tell him what is was, Neo had to experience it for himself. Morpheus could only show Neo the door.
    • Even though Tyrone did not know that he was my Morpheus, he was.  When we began the training, I was unsure of all that he was telling me.  So much of what he said was contrary to what I have believed.  It was up to me to seek the Lord, study the word and find out for myself.
  • Morpheus told Neo that he was only offering him the truth.
    • That is exactly what Tyrone said to me. Though a lot of what he was saying was hard for me to take, I had to allow the Lord to show me.
    • When God is bringing me into His reality, everything that I have accepted a spiritual will be challenged and He will take it through the cross. “Change the world” Christendom teaches us to be small and ineffective.
  • Neo had residual self image, he had to free his mind.
    • When trying to make a change, it is often hard to let go of what you are accustomed to. It is a residual image of yourself.  I had to free myself of who I thought I was and what I used to think about myself and allow God to show me who He created me to be.
  • There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
    • The interesting thing about this reality is that is one thing to say I understand her I know that this call is on my life. But it’s another thing entirely to begin to walk in the way that this call requires. The gifts in the callings of God without repentance, but to allow this anointing this gift to be mature in my life requires of me. The only thing free is salvation everything else, costs.
  • Ultimately Neo discovered a world without rules and controls, borders or boundaries were anything was possible.
    • It is the desire of God for us to understand that the rules and controls in the borders and boundaries that this world would place on us are there only if we allow them to. The word of God stands that with God all things are possible. Nothing is impossible. I want to walk in a way where I live out that reality.
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