1. I was faced with a question that I had to ask myself.  Why is it that I am always looking for things to be better.  Why can’t I just accept the status quo.  The nature of the call on my life and the nature of someone with the make-up that  have makes me attuned to the apologetics (i.e. defense of the gospel) I am sensitive and mindful that I hear God.
  2.  I was led to watch the Matrix for an analogy of the process that I am in. For my findings click here.
  3. I have to walk in the integrity of the spirit.
  4. It doesn’t matter what people plan, it only matters what God has planned. When we are in the plan of God we have to allow the finished work of God to be manifested. We can’t move until that happens.
  5. Christ has to become everything (i.e. our entertainment, life, joy, clothing), He has to be everything to me.
  6. Things are prudent but not always expedient (Titus 1)
  7. God does not live in our body, He lives in our spirit.
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