1. I have to recognize and embrace what God is doing in my life. The need for sensitivity brings me to a place where I am not surprised by what God does. I have to expect things to be different. I have to expect God to move.
  2. I have to die to self. I don’t make things happen, God makes things happen through me. I have to lose all hope, trust, and confidence in the flesh. I cannot disobey the law of the Spirit of life in me.
  3. It is okay to ask questions of God. He wants to know if I truly understand who I am in Him.
  4. We have to get out of our mind what holiness is with respect to an expression or dress code, holiness is:
  • God entering into us
  • God working Himself through us
  • God taking rule, residence and leadership in us
  1. I heard Your word and received Your word.
  2. Holiness is inside, it is worked out in righteousness. Righteousness is outside

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