1. Sometimes it’s very difficult to wait on God, but it is the way that we are perfected.
  2. God is so awesome in how He sends a word to speak to whatever situation that you’re in. ┬áHe does that when you are diligently seeking Him. When I am ignorant of your environment or situation, I tend to make choices, decisions, and statements that can be reckless or insensitive, pain makes you act a fool.
  3. My intercession must be specific. Whatever I am trying to move in my life cannot be removed unless I have the right equipment. Prophetic intercession.
  4. You have to always consider the efficiency of God, while God is using someone to help you get closer to Him; He is also using you to help them get closer to Him.
  5. Do not hold back on anything. Give everything that you have because it is what God requires.
  6. The importance of being non–attached: It is good when a ministry can accept you without being in a ministry or having a role.
  7. God can reveal to me what the truth is and I won’t have to use a physical means but just believe my spirit.
  8. The mere fact that a person cannot define me, makes it impossible for him or her to cancel me. They don’t know who I am.
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