1. THE FLOW OF GOD – Allow yourself to be immersed completely. Go all the way. Do not restrict yourself, be absolutely surrendered.Take your footing from under you, then you can go w/God. Rest and be free from condemnation, from others and from yourself.

2. Everything that is happening is not separated from the whole package, All that you have been through is OJT (On the job training) The Holy Spirit is the trainer. You are being trained to reign in eternity, in the millennial age and in life right now.

3. Understand what is controlling you (i.e. my actions, thoughts reactions etc.) right now. Those that are fleshy ( emotions, feeling etc.) step from under that control and be controlled by the Spirit.

4. We will be led in strange ways because we are not focusing on the “good life” but the “God life”.

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